NTG Mobile

We specialize in developing and delivering user friendly and innovative mobile device applications worldwide. Customized applications and solutions are designed to meet the needs of the next generation of customers. We help you get connected to your audience with ease, reliance and ingenuity.
Our Values

NTG is founded on a set of values that inspire our teams around the clock.
  • Quality products and services,
  • Reliability in our brand, execution and time to market,
  • Building relationships through strong partnerships,
  • Employee engagement.
Our Mission

To be leaders in the development and delivery of new generation mobile applications that enhance user experiences through innovation in design, interactivity, and dependability.
Current Projects

Mobile Solutions
Mi-World is a fully integrated system that allows providers and organizations to have an m-commerce platform up and running in as little as 10 days.

NTS is an enterprise-wide OSS/BSS solution that seamlessly integrates operations and networks. It is the industry's most cost-effective and easy implemented OSS/BSS product complete with a mobile app interface.

NTG e-Utilities provides end-to-end customer care and billing solutions for power, gas and utility services. It handles every aspect of the business from customer usage rating, billing and invoicing, to support and maintenance.

Mobile Applications Available For :
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