NTG Mobile

Works on delivering user friendly and innovative applications that help make smart phones closer to user needs .Our applications are customized to match what user is expecting when thinking about "Smart phone applications".
Our Values

We deliver high performance applications that affect users daily routine.That's why we reward innovation and try to put the client's interest ahead of our own while keeping values by not offering products that violate social values, trying to deliver our products to client as cost effective as possible.
Our Mission

To enrich smart phones user experience and deliver a new generation of smart phone applications that are more interactive with users, applications that widen the field smart phone applications can serve and user can depend on.
Current Projects

Mi-World is a fully integrated system that allows m-commerce providers and organizations to have an m-commerce platform in 10 days. The system features a backend applications .....

NTS is an enterprise-wide OSS/BSS solution that seamlessly integrates telecom operations and networks. It is the industry's most cost-effective and easy implemented OSS/BSS providers....

NTG e-Utilities provides end-to-end Customer Care and Billing solutions for power, gas and utility services. It handles every aspect of customer usage rating, billing, invoicing, to ...

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